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About Kumon
The Kumon Method of learning was developed over 50 years ago in Japan by Toru Kumon, a high school math teacher whose son was struggling with second grade arithmetic.  As an educator, Mr. Kumon realized that a strong foundation in the basics was needed for success in higher level math. With that in mind, Toru Kumon created a series of worksheets for his son to do after school. Through daily practice and a commitment to mastering each concept, his son was able to solve differential equations and integral calculus problems by the time he was in the sixth grade.

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Individualized instruction of each Kumon student advances according to individual ability rather than age or grade level. To accomplish this, the Kumon curriculum presents math and reading concepts in small increments, providing ample practice for each step. This method of individualized learning encourages independent learning, giving students the knowledge and skills to study on their own.

Through repeated practice, students develop mastery of skills before moving on to a higher level of study. Since the goal of the Kumon Method is to make high school study easy, Kumon students are encouraged to reach an advanced level of study.

About Our Centers
For the past 26 years, two of the state's best known Kumon Math and Reading centers are located in Danville and San Ramon and are run by Sue Monahan. Sue Monahan is a one of a very short list of high performing Kumon Instructors (out of more than 1800 Kumon instructors in North America), with over 26 years of Kumon experience.

The Danville and San Ramon centers are the longest running Kumon centers in the San Francisco
East Bay and pride themselves in bringing out the very best in their students.

Each center
develops the untapped potential of each and every child through building confidence and developing skills in the fundamental building blocks of math and reading. At Kumon, we believe that every child has the potential to learn far beyond our expectations. It is the job of our Kumon Center staff to encourage each individual child to want to learn, to enjoy learning, and to be capable of studying successfully in the future.

The Kumon Method
The student visits the Kumon center twice a week

Kumon study is individualized for each student, unlike regular class work at school, where students must conform to what is being taught. Students visit our Kumon Center (located at Blackhawk Plaza) twice a week at a time that is convenient for them during the Center’s hours of operation. They complete the Kumon materials that are individually prepared for them.

The student studies for a short period of time with total concentration
The students' goal is to complete the number of assigned worksheets at a time pace that is comfortable for them. They spend an average of 15-20 minutes working on the material. By fully concentrating on their work, Kumon students develop their own “study rhythm.”

The student develops self-confidence and increased motivation
Students submit completed worksheets to an Instructor or grader to be corrected. Since the material is always at the “just right” level of the students' academic ability, they usually score with almost 100 percent accuracy. The self-confidence that comes from the feeling of “I did it by myself!” further motivates students to study more.

The student corrects mistakes if any
By discovering where mistakes took place and correcting them by themselves, the students' academic ability is further enhanced. Kumon Instructors are available to give hints and advice when a new study topic is introduced and to help students who do not fully understand how to solve the problem.

The student has all test scores recorded and progress is monitored
The students' daily performance, including accuracy and time, are recorded in the Record Book. After careful review of the Record Book and the students' progress, the instructor decides future homework assignments.

The student collects the next homework assignment and goes home
Daily study of the basics of the Kumon Method. Before going home, students are given Kumon materials to complete at home before the next Center visit. Students develop good study habits by fully concentrating on the homework and completing it daily. Parental involvement is crucial to the success of the program. Parents make sure the date and time are recorded on homework sheets, and they sometimes grade the homework. Home grading allows students to receive instant feedback on any mistakes they might have made.

Success Stories
At Kumon, learning is a student driven activity. Many of our students are in the grade range between K through 12. And, their study material spans from pre-school through college level. By practicing everyday, and learning in small, manageable steps (with the help of our expert Kumon instructor), the student is able to build strong study habits and confidence. Our students strive not only for excellence in higher level math and reading but also to ultimately become independent learners.

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Kumon Of Danville Center
Open Hours

3:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Kumon Of Danville

Suite 180

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Tel: 925-736-5544

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If you live in the San Ramon area please see our sister site at www.KumonOfSanRamon.Com

Note: For Orientation and to schedule a Placement test, please call the center at the numbers above.


  • Give your finished homework to the check-in assistant.  If you are enrolled in both Math and Reading, you will receive two pouches with work.

  • If you have any unfinished assignments, remember to give them to the check-in assistant to re-date them.

  • If you receive a “see me” flag on the front of your classwork, please come to me before you head to the classroom

  • Walk into the classroom quietly and give your plastic pouch to a center assistant.

  • Find a seat.  Do any corrections first.  Then start your classwork by writing your name and starting time on workbooks first page.

  • Wait for your center assistant to grade your classwork.

  • Make any corrections to your classwork

  • Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Kumon Video

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